When Ron Rubin discovered this small property in Green Valley of Russian River Valley in late 2011, it was the fulfillment of a forty year dream. Holding close to his heart that one day he would own a vineyard and winery in wine country, Ron found a place to call his own in the prestigious Green Valley of Russian River Valley. The soil on the estate is Goldridge, a soil type that is the best of the best. Ron Rubin knew he had struck gold. It not only fulfilled his lifelong dream, but it also set the highest standards that would follow his purchase.

An expert team had to be created in order to take full advantage of this amazing property, and Ron Rubin is very pleased to present his Dream Team:

• Winemaker: Joe Freeman
• Associate Winemaker and Cooper: Ed Morris
• Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Diane DiRoma
• Vineyard Manager: Alvaro Zamora
• Sustainable Agriculture: Mark Greenspan
• Director of Vineyard Operations: Jim Pratt
• General Management Consultant: Tim Wallace
• Media Relations Consultant: Adam Lee
• Feng Shui Consultant: Barbara Lyons Stewart

Together, these wine professionals comprise all of the necessary ingredients, to capture the unique terroir of the Green Valley of Russian River Valley with our Pinot Noir. We enjoy offering this exceptional wine to YOU at a great value.