Ron Rubin

Russian River Valley


Tasting Notes

Soft creamy notes of apples, pears and spices envelope the senses, with added aromas of vanilla and toasty oak. This Chardonnay is very balanced and approachable with crisp fruit flavors, hints of butter and oak.

Pairing Notes

This fruit-forward Chardonnay is wonderful when enjoyed with hard cheeses, beet salad or a summer risotto.

Bottle Size 750mL
Vintage 2018
Varietal Chardonnay
Appellation Russian River Valley
Alcohol 13.7

The 2018 vintage is full of deep and rich character. Although yields were lower than the generous 2012 crop, the harvest shares the same balanced flavor notes. The Russian River Valley had a long ripening season, which helped develop complex fl avors within the fruit. Just a few days saw extremely hot temperatures and the season was marked by less rain than usual, allowing our winemaking team to select maturely flavored grapes for the 2013 vintage.

The Chardonnay grapes for this wine were hand-picked and whole-cluster pressed to retain optimum fl avor and integrity of the fruit. In addition to growing these grapes on our Estate, we acquired fruit from Hopkins, Eagan, Nakai, Wycoff, Norris and Dutton Vineyard – all which reside in the Russian River Valley. Clones: 04,14, Robert Young (17), 95,76, and Rued.

Cool morning fog sweeps from the Pacific Ocean over the Russian River Valley nearly every day. This unique climate produces diurnal swings ranging from 35° to 40°F, allowing the delicate Chardonnay grapes to ripen longer on the vine. As a result, Russian River Valley Chardonnay typically sees an increase in flavor and complexity.

Ron Rubin Russian River Chardonnay Bottle

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