The Dream Team

Ed Morris

Winemaker and Cooper

“Joe Freeman and I have a great relationship when it comes to making wine. We both agree that the flavors of the wine should be highlighted over blatant oak flavors. And, that the wine’s flavors are best elevated by early contact with some oak. Sometimes, we’ve even realized the potential of putting certain wines into barrels during fermentation.” – Ed Morris, Winemaker | Resident Cooper

On June 1, 2020, Ed Morris was elevated to winemaker for Ron Rubin Winery. Winemaker Ed Morris’s coopering background adds extra value to his role. When needed, he has done some insert installation and some barrel repair. He’s helped to refine the barrel program, by finding the best barrels well-suited to Green Valley of Russian River Valley grapes.

According to Winemaker Joe Freeman, “I’m very excited about Ed’s advancement. Ed now has an increased role in blending, developing new wines, and supporting Ron Rubin Winery in the marketplace.

Ed Morris comes from a long line of craftsmen: his great-grandfather was a violin builder by trade, his grandfather was a clock maker, and his father is a carpenter. Growing up in the Russian River Valley, and attending high school in Forestville, he planned to attend Santa Rosa Junior College after graduation. A summer job at a custom cooperage, however, changed everything.

Ed began working at ReCoop during the summer of 1999, and never looked back. During his time, he worked with trained master coopers of the first French coopers who had come to California. Ed quickly became infatuated with barrel building. Within three to four years, he was building his own. He set up a shop in his garage, and began manufacturing small barrels for home winemakers, as well as incorporating with ReCoop, in order to officially start a line of smaller barrels.

In 2005, Ed became the production manager, working closely with well-respected winemakers, such as Jeff Hinchcliff at Hanna Winery and Greg La Follette. This allowed him to do some experimental processes on barrels. During this time, Ed was also taking classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and UC Davis, in order to further his wine education. He started making beer at home, and found that he began to experience a personal evolution toward beverage making.

Ed’s cooperage experience is incredibly valuable to the Ron Rubin Winery winemaking team. In 2010, Ed was hired as a crew member to work in the cellar at River Road Family Vineyards and Winery. In early 2011, Ed became Joe Freeman’s assistant winemaker.

As a native of this area, Ed loves to live and work where he grew up, feeling that this part of California is where his heart is, residing in Sebastopol.